5 Benefits of Asphalt Surfacing You Need to Know

11th Jun 2024

With over 95% of roads in the UK made of asphalt, you have surely experienced the durability and resilience of asphalt at different points in your life.

Asphalt is everywhere, and for good reason!

With  asphalt, you can build durable roads and driveways that allow for the safe and efficient transportation of goods and people. Its long-lasting nature and smooth surface make it an exceptional choice for surfacing for multiple reasons. 

In this article, we will look closely at five key benefits of asphalt surfacing and why it’s the best choice for your next paving project.

Let’s get started!

1) Asphalt Surfaces are Highly Durable

One of the biggest benefits of asphalt is its durability. In fact, it is one of the best long-lasting pavement options currently available.

Asphalt’s durability is largely due to its flexibility which allows it to withstand heavy vehicles and machinery. 

Many grades of asphalt are made to survive harsh winters and hot summers. When installed correctly by a professional contractor, asphalt surfacing can last anywhere between 15-25 years. 

However, asphalt surfaces only remain strong if they are properly maintained. That’s why it’s essential to have your asphalt roads and driveways examined by professional contractors regularly.

2) Asphalt Is Safer to Drive on than Other Materials

Asphalt is a sturdy material and can be made to withstand rutting and cracking, depending on your choice of asphalt mix. Whether you plan on using asphalt for a driveway or car park, this durability is extremely important. 

Asphalt surfacing also has water-managing qualities that make it highly skid-resistant. Its smooth surface allows for effective water drainage and it also reduces water spray, improving driver visibility in rainy weather conditions.

Amongst other benefits of asphalt, its colour also has its advantages. The dark colour of asphalt provides high contrast with the colour of road markings, which are typically yellow or white. This provides drivers with more visibility during harsh weather conditions and can help reduce accidents on the road. 

Furthermore, the dark colour of asphalt also retains heat better. As a result, asphalt surfaces can melt snow and ice much faster than other surfaces like concrete.

3) Asphalt Surfaces Are Quick to Install & Cost-Efficient

Asphalt surfaces are quick to construct and relatively easy to maintain. One of the best advantages of asphalt is that it does not take long to cure, and you could be driving along your new asphalt surface just a couple of days after installation. This makes it a great choice for many busy roads and businesses as it leads to fewer delays and safer conditions for the public. 

Asphalt is also more affordable compared to other pavement options. In some cases, you could even use recycled asphalt for your project to keep costs of production low while still preserving quality.

Since it is so easy to construct, asphalt surfaces incur a lower initial cost and can be made durable enough to withstand heavy loads for many years. With routine maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your paved surface for a lower life-cycle cost.

4) Asphalt Surfaces Are Smooth and Level

Asphalt provides you with a smooth surface that is pleasant to both drive and walk on.

Its smoothness also makes it a more sustainable option. According to studies, vehicles that travel on smoother surfaces consume less fuel. As a result of using less fuel, they emit fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Another notable benefit of asphalt surfaces is that once they are paved smooth, they remain smooth as long as they are maintained and well looked after. This allows for safer rides as drivers don’t need to worry about hitting potholes or cracks that may have otherwise led to vehicle damage or accidents.

5) Asphalt Is Recyclable

When it comes to environmental considerations and sustainability, asphalt wins every time. One of the most popular benefits of asphalt is that it’s 100% recyclable and reusable. This means that almost all reclaimed asphalt is either recycled or reused in some way. 

Asphalt surfaces have a very low carbon footprint and by recycling, you can conserve precious natural resources. Not only is recycled asphalt a sustainable product but it is also stronger and more durable. As such, roads made using recycled asphalt will last longer. 

Its eco-friendly nature is what makes asphalt such a popular surfacing material. By reusing the same material, you can maintain a low carbon footprint and preserve our natural resources.

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As you can see, there are many benefits of asphalt that makes it an ideal choice for various commercial, residential and government projects. 

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